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Darla – Vermont
I have been seeing Dr. Jodie Dashore in Marlboro, New Jersey for 1 and 1/2 year now for lyme and mold and it’s complications. When she first saw me I was in real bad shape. I was having difficulties walking, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, sleeping most of the day and at night as well. I would wake up in the morning thinking when could I go back to bed. My doctor just kept adding meds on me. Nothing was working. And then I discovered Dr. Dashore through a lyme group when she was a guest speaker. She impressed me with her knowledge, kindness and the desire to help and inform people about lyme and mold. She is very humble, very spiritual and she spends time with you. There is no rush. I saw her for the first time on November 2014, by February I was no longer sleeping during the day, but was going to bed by 7:30 – 8pm most nights. I am now functioning pretty well, my health is coming back and I no longer need to be in bed as much. She got me out of the hole that I was heading to. She is amazing and I truly believe she can help you.

Nancy – Pennsylvania
For all those who are wondering if it’s possible to ever get back to “somewhat normal”. I consider my story a success and hope it’s ok to share it to hopefully inspire others to keep moving forward and never give up. The right doctor is KEY to healing and compliance with mold avoidance/diet/lifestyle is as well. Here goes…
It has been a long road of ill health leading up to this point. I had seen at least a dozen Doctors. Many were specialists- Cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, LLD, Functional Medicine doc etc. The last one to turn their back on me and throw their hands up was my functional medicine doctor. At first, I was worried and uncertain that anyone would believe me about my symptoms or help me back to health. After all, I had told my FM doc about them for 6 months and from the tone of the letter she sent me, she had given it her last try. She felt I had PTSD, needed to do mental mapping and gave up on me. What I was experiencing was not in my head, but very real actually. 
Fortunately for me, I found Dr Dashore at that point. She was able to uncover my mystery illness and save my life. She and her family have experienced lyme and mold illness firsthand, so she “gets it”. I have spent the last 9 months under her care being treated for a severe biotoxin illness caused by lyme and mold along with Bartonella, Babesia, EBV, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, mycoplasma, CMV, detox issues, large amounts of yeast organisms (protozoa) in my intestines. I’m sure there are things I’m completely forgetting to write as well.
When I first started seeing Dr Jodie Dashore in June 2015, my TGFb-1 level was 17, 500, which is astronomical. My NK cells were at 498. I had many inflammatory markers off the charts due to CIRS. She had me run the Shoemaker labs and they were very revealing. I had to leave my house, since there was mold found there. Day to day living was a challenge, since I got symptoms in the grocery store and many other places that I can’t avoid going to. It still happens occasionally, but not as often.
She took all of my issues into consideration and started the healing process very gently with low doses herbs and homeopathics. She also started me on a low dose of Welchol (25% Shoemaker protocol dose…. 1 tab 3 times a day) because I was so fragile. I took BE spray for Marcons. I didn’t use the “G” in BEG due to my insane tinnitus. Dr Dashore treated inflammation, infections, detox issues (organ support, gut support and binders). Her gentle approach with herbs and homeopathics, along with shoemaker labs/protocol and my mold avoidance are what I feel helped me the most. She cannot be found on the list of certified Shoe doctors, but trust me, she is more than qualified. That said, in between treating people worldwide, she is working towards her certification while helping people like me to heal every day. I am forever grateful for having her as my Doctor. 
Jan 14, 2016 I moved back home into a safe room my husband made in our house, but unfortunately my fatigue/fog/eye floater symptoms are returning. I still don’t feel right at home, but don’t have much choice to be here right now. Due to several unavoidable reasons, I have had no choice but to be in moldy places the last month. I’m certain if I had continued mold avoidance, I would be 100% right now.
 During my time at a “safe house” and while in the thick of Dr Dashore’s protocol, my husband had been staying at home alone trying to remediate and make repairs. Our son and I had been bouncing from family to friends since mid July. My husband was diagnosed with high grade bladder cancer in May and has had 4 surgeries (2 with significant complications), spent a week in the hospital with sepsis and was out of work for 6 weeks. Dr. Dashore is also treating my husband and son for biotoxin illness.
I am feeling so much better thanks to the treatments of Dr Dashore. Once I can again practice mold avoidance, I will be at the top of my game. My TGFb-1 is in normal range again as of December 2015 and my other levels are balancing out. I just tested TGFb-1 last week and will update with my results when I get them. I slowly am starting to go back to work part time and am functioning in society.

Lauren – Washington DC
Jason has been doing very well with speech! He now repeats mostly everything you say and follows directions very well. He is starting to form sentences. His bowel movements have been normal after two years!
Alan and I can’t thank you enough; We never thought a Strep infection was the reason for his behavior issues. We are so grateful for everything you are doing to help Jason. We look forward to all our appointments and I can’t wait for you to see how well Jason is doing.

Melissa – New York
I have been seeing Dr. Dashore for mold, viruses and possible Lyme and co-infections. I have highly recommended her as well to my friends. She is the best of both worlds- pairing her scientific knowledge with holistic remedies. You cannot ask for anything more! She has brought me so far already in my healing. I am so grateful for her. I would highly recommend to see her for yourself. People come from all over the country as well as from overseas to see her.She accommodates her patients based on their physical restraints by providing phone and Skype consultations as well.

Dana – Indiana
I was just at Dr. Dashore’s office yesterday, and as always I leave there feeling confident that she will get me back to how I was 3 years ago. I have been seeing Dr. Jodie Dashore for a year and a half now for lyme and mold and it’s adjoining complications. I was having difficulties walking, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog – at times I would be driving somewhere and all of a sudden I would not know where I was or how to get to my destination.Thankfully all those are now things of the past. One more comment… I have met people at her office that drive 3, 5 and 7 hours driving to see her. She is the Best of the Best.

Tina – New Jersey
I have been taking my son to Dr Dashore for about two years. He had undiagnosed lyme, co infections and we are now delving into the world of mold. We’ve been seeking wellness for our son for a decade now and she’s hands down the smartest person we’ve worked with…coupled with the fact that she’s very holistic minded and has travelled the world educating herself. It’s definitely a process, but our son has made tremendous gains that have been noted by everyone at school and beyond. She offers a unique approach and plan to each patient. If she feels you need more than holistic meds she will tell you. I’d recommend her highly.

Angela – Maryland
I have been referring clients to Dr. Jodie Dashore for several years for a variety of health issues. Now, both of my children are under her care for Lyme, co infections and mold. Each program is highly individualized pulling from variety of protocols and methodologies that suit the patient. Dr.Dashore is constantly changing supplements, herbs, homeopathy, etc. to get to the next step of treatment. I have seen clients make remarkable recovery under her care and my children are both doing great!

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